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The Brixham Society of Art was formed in 1949 and since that time has had a continuously thriving membership of amateurs and semi-professionals, sharing their experience and pleasure in art, and exhibiting their skills.

In the early days, members met fortnightly for talks and demonstrations by professional artists from across the U.K. At its peak in the 1980s/90s, membership had risen to around 150. Today membership is around 65 and meetings now take place monthly when members might show their current work and still enjoy demonstrations, in a variety of media, by well known local and regional artists. Special popular day classes are also held from time to time.

Since the 1960s the Society has staged a major annual exhibition at the Scala Hall during the busy holiday month of August, well supported by local folk and attracting many summer visitors, some of whom visit year after year. The Society now also stages smaller exhibitions; one at the Berry Head Hotel in March, another in May, here at the library, and is always considering other ways in which to show members’ work.

New members are always welcome; our meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at Eden Park School. More information about the Society and how to join can be found on its website

Tessa Amies and her students show their work

The current exhibition of artwork at Brixham Library has been created by students in Tessa Amies pottery & mosaic classes, who meet each week at Pumps Pottery, Denbury. The show includes work by mosaics by Jill Bland and Izzy Linsell, and pottery by Jenny Harriman.



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Tessa Amies has been involved with the Friends of Brixham Library for the past two years offering holiday activities for children, which led to the creation of the mosaic in the children’s section. She also led a community project last summer resulting in the two stunning mosaics on the outside of the library. In August she will lead a Clay Creations workshop for Children at the library. For any adult who would like to try either mosaics or pottery there are some spaces in her classes which take place on Tuesday and Wednesday morning and evening each week. Go to for further details.Transport can be offered to 2 would-be students from Brixham on Tuesday mornings 

Jean Claxton’s first show is on The Ledge

Jean Claxton has taken the plunge and set up her first exhibition on The Ledge. She enjoys painting natural forms and uses watercolours, acrylics and pastels. Jean is keen to encourage other amateur painters to also use the facility to show their work. All her paintings are for sale and the show is on throughout March.


Five Torbay Action for Art members showed their work on The Ledge throughout February. They are:

VERA STRIDE, a self-taught artist/sculptor,  says, “I’ve learnt through personal study and observations of life rather than from structured classes. I use mainly terracotta clay to which I add silver sand and sometimes paper pulp. I specialise in Raku and smoke firing techniques.  Surface texture, colour and glaze effects/mishaps are an important part of my work. Each sculpture is completely unique.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 'Hector' by Vera Stride


Kim, a mixed media artist, uses a range of materials in her collages creating textured surfaces that are photographed at various stages to capture images of pattern and colour.

Printing the photographs onto acetate, selected images are then layered in a handcrafted way resulting in final designs that are visually intriguing, colourful and mostly abstract in style.

Journey A new dawn

PHILIP ELEY, a painter who works in the naive style. “I like my paintings to look like a memory of a place which is why I play around freely with perspective, shape and colour.”

polperro brixham boats

TRACY SATCHWILL creates theatrical designs and illustrations having recently illustrated and designed A Mermaid’s Melodybook written by Rachel Swain. She has her own range of merchandise and prints and runs workshops for children and adults. With a BA (Hons) in Illustration from Plymouth University she spends long creative hours in her studio with Frida, the cat and an endless supply of chocolate. She says “I have always been interested in historical narratives.  I love capturing a moment of history and freezing it in time with playful and theatrical designs and illustrations.”

Pasted Graphic Travel to Brixham


David paints solely in watercolour, working in the ‘pure watercolour’ tradition.  This means he uses transparent washes, relying on the whiteness of paper to create a range of tones from light to dark.  He does not use opaque white in any of the paintings.

He enjoys painting a range of subjects, from still life, landscape and seascape to animals and wildlife. Quite often, it will be the quality of light falling on a subject, which inspires him to paint.  He paints en plein air (when conditions allow!), endeavouring to catch a fleeting moment in time.

David’s aim is not to render a photographic likeness of his subject, but a lively interpretation in loose, fluid washes. He begins with a sound drawing, just creating the main forms in pencil. He then covers most of the paper in with a soft-edged, wet-in-wet wash, mixing colours on the paper. Once this is dry he begins to create the more solid forms using transparent washes.

Low Tide David WebbDavid Webb with demonstration painting

Creative Stitching by Barbara John on The Ledge throughout December

 Barbara’s show reflects her love of working with fabrics, thread and colour on a seasonal theme. In her late 40’s Barbara undertook a City & Guilds in Fashion and Design going on to teach dressmaking and creative stitching for South Devon College on their Brixham and Paignton sites for several years. Barbara has now retired but still teaches some occasional workshops at the Brixham Sewing Box.

Barbara is a member of the West Country Embroiderers and finds great inspiration from fellow stitchers. She says “The more I do the more I am inspired to learn still more; there are so many interesting things in the textile arena. I have met some lovely creative people through this textile journey and look forward to expanding into more contemporary and colourful projects next year.”

Barbara is a member of the Friends of the Library and has taught textile classes for children this year and has plans for more classes in the school holidays in 2014. See the programme on our website.

David Hamling has second show at Brixham LibraryMy beautiful picture

The Friends of Brixham Library asked David Hamling to support their anniversary event with a show of his mixed media paintings.

His work is based on Dartmoor looking at the geological facets of the moor and surrounding areas. The large abstract pieces comprise layered canvas which has been ‘torched’, coated with silver sand, carborundum, slate dust and bronze powder. The ‘whole’ is fixed by a PVA resin to ensure rigidity. They look at the basic elements of earth, fire, wind and water.”

David is the first artist to use the newly refurbished gallery and is on show throughout November.

Upgrade of The Ledge

Fitting the glass panels

Fitting the glass panels

Thanks to Awards for All ‘The Ledge’ has been upgraded to create a professional display space for local artists. Paul Richards has installed the new glazing at the front making it possible for artists to set up their own display. The area has an adjustable hanging system and 3D display supports.

750 P1040465

The completed ledge

To use this space contact Eleanor Moss at the library (01803 853870) is possible to use it for one month at a time for a fee of £25 plus 10% of sales.

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