Committee for 2014 elected

The Friends of Brixham Library AGM

The Friends of Brixham Library (FoBL) held their AGM last night with a good turnout of members who heard the Chairs report and the breakdown of the £27,814.20 raised over the past year. After expenditure of £17,221.99, the FoBL have £10,592.21 in hand, but £6860.41 is restricted for ongoing projects funded by the Lottery and Brixham Town Council, leaving £3,731.80 as the surplus finds from fundraising and memberships.

Jenny Harriman, Chair, requested additional help, as over the past 3 years the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary have taken on most of the work. The membership has tripled and consequently so has the work load. She said “we are giving you permission to get actively involved, without additional help we will consider standing down at the end of the year. No one wants voluntary work to be too time consuming. We have all enjoyed our time organising activities and meeting new contacts, learning new things and having fun. However, we realise we need more people to offer to take on responsibility for small areas of the organisation to help us and to ensure the FoBL continue successfully in the future.”

This resulted in five people offering to help when needed and Andrew John taking on the role of Membership Secretary.

The Chair (Jenny), Treasurer (Alasdair Anderson), Secretary (Phil Trayhorn) and Membership Sec (Andrew John) were elected on the night to these roles with Issy Lindsell remaining as a committee member.




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