Torbay Savings Proposals

The Mayor of Torbay has published his Savings Proposals online at

This gives a detailed breakdown of the proposed cuts to the 2015-16 budget.

From page 87 onwards (go to you will see what will be cut in the library service, with the major saving being either to close Churston library or have the ‘community’ running it. Also a huge cut to the stock for all libraries.

Brixham is the only one not mentioned for any changes. We must assume that our lobbying when the caravan came to Brixham, plus the size of our membership and busy programme has had some influence. However, we cannot afford to be complacent as there is yet another QUESTIONNAIRE in the library asking for your feedback to 3 questions – Churston closure, removal of specific support for Blind Club & over 55s, plus cuts to the books and other resources.

We need you to respond to this bearing in mind, that if everyone says no, do not take these actions there is likely to be impact on Brixham. The Mayor is asking for feedback by Friday 29th August. Please write to him  confirming that you think he has made the right decision in not changing the staffing/opening hours at Brixham. his email is



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